"What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you become by reaching your destination."

Zig Zigler


When people speak about the school of hard knocks, they usually are referring to the fact that they have had lots of experience.  Such is the case for Greg, he not only has an advanced degree in Psychology and has written a couple of books, but his is the mastermind behind many startups.


 Some of his start-ups were marginally successful and many were learning lesson as he like to refer to them as: “In business it is not always about how much money you make, but it is as much about how much you learn and can apply the mistakes you have made to your next venture”.

While I might not be considered a success by monetary measures, Greg is a success in crafting, designing and bringing products and services to market.  


Formal education is important, but experience as an entrepreneur triumphs what you learn while in college. Below you will find a listing of Greg’s formal education.


San Dieguito High School, Encinitas, CA – 1973

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA – 1977
BS Degree in Business Management

University of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA – 2005
MS in Spiritual Psychology


A formal education is important, and an essential element one should be looking for in hiring a coach, mentor or consultant.  More importantly though, one should be looking for someone with the practical experience and expertise of having “been there and done that”. 

Greg is a mentor you can count on as someone who has “been there and done that”.  His expertise in working with start-ups and entrepreneurs is exemplary.  If you are stuck and what to get unstuck consider hiring Greg to help you move your company to the next level. 


Clients have a lot to say about Greg.

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