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"I am convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful entrepreneurs is perseverance."

Steve Jobs


Greg is known for his persistence, he just doesn’t give up.  He sees his projects to completion even if they are not the most successful because he knows that every venture is a learning lesson and if you fall down, the next best step is getting up and moving on. 

His background is creating and running companies as diverse as a toy company to a start-up software company a publishing business and non-profits. Nothing seems to phase his inspiration and fortitude to just keep trying new and innovative ideas. 


Greg has been involved in and or started up by himself or with partners.  For-Profit ventures include:


Greg has a passion for helping and serving.  He has donated his time and talents to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, Leukemia Society San Diego, Team in Training, YMCA San Diego, Teri, Inc, Oceanside and Special Olympics.  All of these public charities engaged Greg’s talents to raise funds to expand their operations, or to build new facilities.


Greg has also started two non-profits of his own, Compassionate Communications Foundation and Tea4We.  The drive behind both of these charities was to bring healing and compassion to people faced with life threating illnesses, while raising funds to support the families and their needs financial needs. 


Non-profit ventures, joint ventures, and other projects include the following:


Greg has been a mentor to small businesses and top executives for more than 25 years!

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